Stick RPG 2- Play Full Version

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SRPG2Stick RPG 2 is the sequel to Stick RRG and both games have been created by XGen Studios. XGen Studios is a leading and widely recognized game developer studio that is independently owned. The award winning studio has scooped several awards in the web, mobile and console platforms. Stick RPG 2 is one game that has really created a lot of hype especially among video game enthusiasts. Unlike the previous version of the game which was in 2D, Stick RPG 2 involves a 2.5 dimension world.

17250The main objective of the game is collecting the 4D objects and handing them over to the professor who in turn will give you the keys to the lab. The game also involves escaping the paper thin city and returning back to the normal world from time to time. There are different paths in which one can take, hence changing the entire course of the game from time to time. Depending on karma you can either end up being a good or a bad person which in turn results to righteous deeds or evil actions by the player.

Like the previous version, Stick RPG 2 also has a lot of side missions. In general the game play involves entering into a whole new dimension and bizarre looking city where you will be expected to find your place among the locals by building your charm, intellect and strength. There are various activities in which you may be involved in while in the dimension, and they include, fighting, studying, working, gambling, training and much more.

The main control keys are the direction keys on the keyboard for easy navigation. While in the dimension it is highly advisable to walk most of the times, running or skating can always be performed by holding down the shift button. All the other interactions will be performed by using the mouse.There are various weapons that will be available once you are in the game world and they include baseball bats, katana sword, pistol, sledge hammer, machine gun dealer, AK 47 and many more.

If you are looking for a game that involves a being thrusted into a strange looking dimension and collection of trans-dimensional artifacts then you should definitely try out Stick RPG 2.

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